24 October 2008


Anyone interested in being a writer for art-related subjects = shows, events, products? Imagine reviewing art, announcing upcoming shows, being an art critic and letting the world know about a new product for artists all from the comfort of your home and getting paid to do it.

Remember those short essays you wrote back in high school? It's that easy (or hard) but this time around you get PAID. You won't get rich but with a few projects under your belt you can fill your pockets with some spending money and I know we can also use more of that.

Back in the "old days" advertising for upcoming shows and events at museums or sales at art supply stores was done in the newspaper or on TV. There was also word-of-mouth aka "buzz."

Companies now use blog marketing and blog advertising to get their word out. If you have a blog, these companies want you to be their advertising media and they will pay you for it. They need you to get the word out.

This is how it works- a company, museum or other organization contacts SNAPBOMB with assignments. All you have to do is write a little diddy for them and get paid.

The money varies and what you get paid depends upon two things - the value of the article itself...and your blog's value as a source of advertising. Newer blogs or ones with few readers/hits earn less than blogs are more established and get higher traffic. Having a good, strong match between your blog's theme and the ad are in your favor. As your blog matures and gets increased traffic, your assignments will generate higher pay. If you are a newbie, don't get discouraged. Everyone has to start somewhere!

If you are interested in some extra money, visit http://www.snapbomb.com/bloggers.html?acp=7551 and get yourself set up. Tell them about your blogs and start writing! Soon you can tell everyone you are a paid art critic!

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