04 March 2009

Maurice Stockton a.k.a. the Dot Art Dude

Louisiana artist, Maurice Stockton, earned his BFA from Mississippi State University in graphic design and minored in photography and painting. He is an active participant in New Orleans area exhibitions and frequently wins competitions. Stockton's nickname on Blog Catalog is Dot Art Dude. He has several blogs as well as his own website, Dot Central. The website is very comprensive and gives upcoming exhibition information. Please visit his blogs where he talks about inspirations as well as his website. If possible, attend an exhibition and meet Stockton.

Stockton's favorite media are acrylic, colored pencil, graphite and watercolor. He enjoys playing with light, color, materials and techniques. He usually picks a theme and then explores it in different ways, creating several pieces. Many drawings are done twice - once in black and white and once in color. Stockton draws, paints, collages, and even uses the computer to create his works. His Dot Art is the most popular in terms of sales.

And now for some of that famous DOT ART...


Gayle said...

I love to read about different techniques from different artists. Thanks for sharing this.

Liz said...

Me too! I like to check out all kinds of ways to create art. I'm trying not to get stuck with just painting and drawing on my blog. Hope you visited Mo's blogs and website. :D

alone said...


i love these!

impressive, pal!

there are meaning in these abstracts. it's like pulling the viewer to explore their worlds =)