19 February 2009

Shah Abbas Art Exhibit at the British Museum

The “Shah Abbas: The Remaking of Iran” exhibition, sponsored by the Iran Heritage Foundation, various Iranian museums and the National Museum of Iran, will run at the British Museum in London until June 14, 2009.
This exhibition explores the reign and legacy of Shah Abbas (1587 – 1629), the fifth ruler of the Safavid Dynasty. He is considered to be one of Iran’s most influential kings and also a great military leader. During the rule of Shah Abbass, his country succeeded in becoming a world power with a strong national identity.

This amazing exhibition features beautiful gold-ground carpets, Chinese porcelains, illustrated manuscripts, watercolor paintings, metalwork, silks, and other objects. The exhibition shows Shah Abbas’s social, religious and artistic influence on Iran through this gift to major the shrines in Mashhad, Ardabil and Qom, and his new capital at Isfahan. Works by the important calligrapher, Alireza Abbasi, who worked throughout Shah Abbas’s reign, are also featured.

Objects from around the world are on loan from museums such as the State Hermitage Museum, Louvre Museum, Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental Art, the National Museums of Berlin, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Iranian museums including Vank Museum of Isfahan, Mir-Emad Museum, Isfahan Museum of Ornamental Art, Chehel Sotun Museum and Tehran Persian Carpet Museum are also displaying works at this exhibit.

The Safavid Era is considered the peak of Iranian culture and art that followed the Iranian conversion to Islam. This exhibit is one of the best opportunities to see authentic Iranian civilization and culture. “Shah Abbas: The remaking of Iran” by British researcher Sheila R.Canby is a highly recommended book, published by BM Press, will be available during the exhibition.

Please click HERE for a quick video on this exhibit, sponsored by the British Museum. It's very informative and gives you a taste of what's to see at the exhibit. Please go if you can.


Stacy Alexander said...

Hi there,

I've really enjoyed checking out your blog this morning. What a nice array of artists you have represented! Great job!

Stacy Alexander

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. Will be leaving for London next week and I would love to see this exhibit. I love Islamic Art.

InfoWebExplore said...

Hi. Were you grandparents from Moravia?? and you do not speak ro?

Liz said...

IFW - My great grandparents came from Moravia in 1908. Their town had been under Hapsburg Reign for hundreds of years and everyone spoke German. When they left, they were "owned" by Austria. It's now part of the Czech Republic. I speak English but did take 3.5 years of German in high school.