08 October 2008


Alot of celebrities (actors, singers, musicians, athletes, rich people with nothing better to do) have tried their hands at photography, painting and drawing. Some are very good! And some, well, let's just say their work isn't my cup of tea. Some of their art is very serious and straightforward, some is very modern and perhaps even downright strange, and some is cute and whimsical.

Anyway, I am very impressed with Jane Seymour as an impressionist artist. She even did a scene from one of my favorite movies, "Somewhere in Time." I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a print or two from her collection. I am also impressed with the works by Eve Plumb (Brady Bunch's middle sister) and Grace Slick.

Check out http://www.poplifeart.com/ for a listing of celebrities and you can view some of their works.

Let me know who you like and who tanks.

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