04 February 2009

Roger Dean & His YES Album Cover Art

Among other projects, English artist Roger Dean designed album covers and logos for several bands over the years. His first client was the group Gun. His work for the band Osibisa attracted great international attention. Later that same year, he started working with the Brititsh rock band Yes which became a long term string of commissions. He has also worked with Budgie, Uriah Heep, Asia, Greenslade, Steve Howe, The London Symphony Orchestra and many, many others.

Dean's first project for Yes was to design the cover for their upcoming album, Fragile. Dean also designed their now-famous logo, which was first seen on their Close to the Edge album. After that, Dean designed quite a few covers for the band.

Dean's covers for YES have three styles - landscapes from another world, sometimes reminiscent of Salvador Dali; bold graphics; and Asian inspired. My favorite cover is for "House of Blues" cover which has an Asian feel with a dragonfly.

Here's a listing of the beautiful album covers Dean created for YES:


"Close to the Edge"


"Tales From Topographic Oceans"





"Classic Yes"




"Keys to Ascencion"

"Keys to Ascencion 2"

"Open Your Eyes"

"The Ladder"

"House of Yes - Live From the House of Blues"


"In a Word: Yes"

"The Ultimate Yes - 35th Anniversary Collection"

"The Word is Live"


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